Unparsed Account Updates

Whenever a Solana account is modified, this stream emits an event with the new content of the account. If multiple updates occur within a single block this stream only includes the last update.

Data source: UnparsedAccountUpdate

blockIdnumberNumeric identifier of a block describing the slot that the block was produced in.
transactionIdstringFirst signature in a transaction, which can be used to uniquely identify the transaction across the whole ledger. This will be null if the account update was not caused by a transaction.
accountAddressstringAddress (pubkey) of the account being updated.
accountOwnerstringAddress of the owner of the account being updated.
lamportsnumberThe lamports held by the account after the update.
executableboolThis account's data contains a loaded program.
rentEpochnumberThe epoch at which this account will next owe rent.
datastringThe raw account data associated with the account after the update, encoded in Base64.



Webhooks will deliver a JSON array of objects matching the above schema