LP Balance Changes

Balance changes for Liquidity Pool (LP) at a transaction level.

Data source: LpBalanceChange

blockIdnumberNumeric identifier of a block describing the slot that the block was produced in.
blockTimenumberUnix epoch time (in seconds) of a block as calculated from validator votes.
transactionIdstringFirst signature in a transaction, which can be used to uniquely identify the transaction across the whole ledger.
transactionPositionnumberZero-indexed position of the transaction within the block.
programNamestringThe name of the LP program.
poolAddressstringAddress holding information about the pool.
lpTokenMintstringThe mint address of the pool token.
mintTokenAstringThe mint of token A.
mintTokenBstringThe mint of token B.
balanceTokenAnumberThe new balance of the LP for token A unconverted for decimals.
balanceTokenBnumberThe balance of the account before the update.