Streaming to Slack Webhook

Set up a Datastream to Slack

Create a Slack Webhook

  1. Create a channel in Slack that you want messages sent to
  2. Go go Slack App
  3. Click "Create New App" button
  4. Click "From scratch"
  5. Name your App and Select the Workspace where there channel you created exists
  6. On the left hand navigation menu click "Incoming Webhooks"
  7. On the page, click the toggle for "Activate Incoming Webhooks" to "On"
  8. Click the "Add New Webhook to Workspace" at the bottom
  9. From the dropdown, select the channel you created from the dropdown and click the "Allow" button
  10. Click the "Copy" button for the new Webhook URL created


Congratulations, you have created your webhook in Slack, save this URL somewhere for the next step

Create a Datastream

For a more in depth walkthrough of creating Datastreams, please see Setup Your First Stream

  1. Go to [<>](Datastream builder)
  2. Select your Data source and configure your filters
  3. For Delivery method(s), select "Webhook"
  4. Under "Webhook URL" enter the Discord webhook URL you got from the previous step