Token Swap

This stream emits events anytime a token is swapped on a DEX that Hello Moon monitors.

Data source: TokenSwap

blockIdnumberNumeric identifier of a block describing the slot that the block was produced in.
blockTimenumberUnix epoch time (in seconds) of a block as calculated from validator votes.
transactionIdstringFirst signature in a transaction, which can be used to uniquely identify the transaction across the whole ledger.
transactionPositionnumberZero-indexed position of the transaction within the block.
instructionOrdinalnumberThe zero-indexed position of an instruction - subinstruction combination in the context of the transaction. This is generated by flattening all instruction/subinstruction/sub-subinstruction/... and numbering them from 0.
programIdstringThe account id containing the program performing the swap. You must enter the exact programId.Visit to find the correct programId.
programNamestringThe name of the program performing the swap. You must enter the exact programName.Visit to find the correct programName.
instructionNamestringThe name of the program instruction performing the swap.
aggregatorstringThe name of the aggregator that sent the instruction.
srcMintstringThe mint of the source token.
srcAmountnumberThe amount going into the swap.
srcTokenAccountnumberThe account that holds the source tokens.
srcOwnerAccountnumberThe account that owns the source token account.
dstMintstringThe mint of the destination token.
dstAmountnumberThe amount coming out of the swap.
dstTokenAccountnumberThe account that holds the destination tokens.
poolIdstringThe account that contains details for the pool.