Parsed Account Updates

data source: parsedAccountUpdate

blockIdnumberNumeric identifier of a block describing the slot that the block was produced in.
transactionIdstringFirst signature in a transaction, which can be used to uniquely identify the transaction across the whole ledger. This will be null if the account update was not caused by a transaction.
accountAddressstringAddress (pubkey) of the account being updated.
accountOwnerstringAddress of the owner of the account being updated.
lamportsnumberThe lamports held by the account after the update.
executableboolThis account's data contains a loaded program.
rentEpochnumberThe epoch at which this account will next owe rent.
jsonDatastringThe raw account data associated with the account after the update, encoded in Base64. This is additional data that is not included in the parsed set.
accountTypestringEach program has a distinct set of accountType(s), would reference - and check out the programs IDL and what each accountType references.

To learn more about a program IDL ->
spacenumberAmount of space in bytes allocated to the account.



Webhooks will deliver a JSON array of objects matching the above schema