Token Prices

This stream emits events everytime Hello Moon determines a liquidity pool has changed the valuation of a token

Data source: TokenPrice

blockIdnumberNumeric identifier of a block describing the slot that the block was produced in.
blockTimenumberUnix epoch time (in seconds) of a block as calculated from validator votes.
transactionIdstringFirst signature in a transaction, which can be used to uniquely identify the transaction across the whole ledger.
transactionPositionnumberZero-indexed position of the transaction within the block.
instructionOrdinalnumberThe zero-indexed position of an instruction - subinstruction combination in the context of the transaction. This is generated by flattening all instruction/subinstruction/sub-subinstruction/... and numbering them from 0.
mintstringSPL Token address of mint price is being reported on.
priceUsdcdoubleAmount in USDC that a single unit of the token is worth.
decimalsnumberNumber of decimals the mint has. The number of decimals is used to convert the mint's amount (in native units) to USDC. For example, an amount of 1,000,000 with a decimal of 6 would be 1 USDC.