Streaming to Discord Webhook

Configure a Stream to Discord

Note: It is recommended that you read through Setup Your First Stream before setting this up

Enable your webhook in Discord

  1. Go to your Discord server
  2. Click on the Gear icon (Settings) on the right of the channel that you would like the messages sent to
Gear (Settings) icon

Gear (Settings) icon

  1. On the modal screen click the "Integrations" menu item on the left hand side of the screen
Integrations link

Integrations link

  1. Click the "Create Webhook" button on the main screen
  2. A new webhook should be created, usually with the default name "Spidey Bot", click that webhook
  3. Click the "Copy Webhook URL" button


Congratulations, you have created your webhook in Discord, save this URL somewhere for the next step

Create a Datastream

For a more in depth walkthrough of creating Datastreams, please see Setup Your First Stream

  1. Go to [<>](Datastream builder)
  2. Select your Data source and configure your filters
  3. For Delivery method(s), select "Webhook"
  4. Under "Webhook URL" enter the Discord webhook URL you got from the previous step