InstructionName vs marketActionType

Learn about instructionName and the purpose of the Hello Moon specific marketActionType

What is instuctionName?

The name of the program instruction that is performed on a NFT. Each program instruction is specific to its NFT marketplace. For example, MEv2 (Magic Eden) provides a number of instructions some include "ask", "OcpSell", "cancel_ask", "OcpCancelSell", and more. Hello Moon helps categorize these instructions into an identifiable set of 5 marketActionType.

What is marketActionType?

marketActionType is a Hello Moon specific set of types that categorizes NFT marketplace instructions to into a set of 5 marketActionType's. An example of the categorization is included in the table below for Magic Eden.

ASKinstruction given from a potential seller for the listing of a NFT at a price.
CANCEL_ASKinstruction from a potential seller to cancel the listing of a NFT.
bidBIDinstruction given from a potential buyer of a NFT and the price of the bid.
cancel_bidCANCEL_BIDinstruction from a potential buyer that has cancelled the bid for the NFT.
SALEinstruction given when a buyer has made a SALE transaction with a buyer for a NFT.