Transactions by User (historical)

Get all transactions since the origin of Solana (March 2020) for a given user with parsed information about the transaction.

If the transaction(s) you are looking for is within 30 days ago, visit the endpoint.
Due to the scope of this endpoint, expect requests to run significatnly slower than Transactions by User

Supported transaction types:

  • Transfer: A transfer of SOL or SPL tokens
  • Swaps: A swap of SPL tokens on a DEX
  • NFT Secondary Sales: A sale of an NFT on the secondary market (like Magic Eden or OpenSea)
  • NFT Primary Sales: A sale of an NFT on the primary market (like Candymachine or a launchpad)
  • Liquidity Pool Actions: Withdrawing or depositing liquidity to a liquidity pool
  • Lending Actions: Borrowing, repaying, depositing or withdrawing on lending protocols

Data does back to origin date of Solana blockchain (March 2020)

Would Checkout this recipe:

for a step by step guide on how to use this endpoint.

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