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RPC call is limitted in a special ip address?

My project is deployed to VPS. But not working RPC from just now. Please let me know how can i fix this.

Error: Unauthorized. Your key cannot currently be used.

Receiving this when trying to connect to a websocket. Is this a rate limit thing or does it mean something else?

Purchase service issues

I upgraded the RPC service and paid my SOL, but the corresponding service was not given to me. I can provide the hash value.

why you dont respond tickets?

why you dont respond tickets?

commitment level on websockets

whats the commitment level on the websockets? can we pick processed for example

Identify wallets that have connected to my site that utilised a rpc via hellomoon

Is it possible to pull a list of wallets that have connected to my site via the hello moon RPC?

LP Balance don't pool date from Raydium?

I noticed that pulling LP Balance does not work for pools on Raydium, for instance, this pool `69grLw4PcSypZnn3xpsozCJFT8vs8WA5817VUVnzNGTh` returns `data: []`, but if you query by Mint ID, you get LPs from Orca, and none from Raydium or any other market. Why is that?

RPC req / second

Hello! I was not able to find specific details if Hello Moon has a limit on RPC requests per second. Thanks!

Missing public API docs

In an example: <https://docs.hellomoon.io/reference/post_v0-hello-moon-verified-collections> After installing: yarn add @hellomoon/api@latest I try to import: import { RestClient, HelloMoonVerifiedCollectionsRequest, } from '@hellomoon/api'; but the HelloMoonVerifiedCollectionsRequest is missing together with other public API TS types. Is this intentional or I'm missing something in the docs? I will use axios for now but if your client works for this case, just let me know. Kind regards, Ivan Britvic, Helio


Is there any way we can get traits of listed nfts in a collection id? Ideally below a price?